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I am a fishing guide focused on catching big walleyes for my guests. The opportunity to fish with you is important and I work hard to make this experience fun and worthwhile. I respect that you are putting your hard-earned dollars on the table for this experience. 

We'll  start at whatever skill-level you’re at and get you trolling like a master by the end of the night. I tell guests new to long-line trolling that this is a belief system - once you settle in, get confident and can visualize how the bait is working—it happens. Fish on! The techniques I teach you will make the difference between successful hook-ups and missed hits. 

Fishing at night is very different from anything you might have experienced before. My boat is kept very clean and well-organized. It has to be to fish safely in the dark. We use headlamps, but only for setting lines or bringing in fish. Once your eyes adjust, It's surprising what you can see! 


It's an honor to take my years of hard-earned experience and share them with you. Many long line techniques I’ve learned from my good friend and retired guide Captain Steve Miljat. You may remember seeing him on John Gillispie’s Waters & Woods show years past. Please read my recent article, Night Patrol for Summer Walleyes in the June 2022 InFisherman Magazine!

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